Membership Fees

Individual Membership…£14.40

Guide or Brownie Unit/Scout Troop…£21.60

Charity/CIC/Voluntary Group…£31.20

Playgroup, Theatre Group, Faith/Church Group…£31.20

Elderly Care Home…£31.20

Childminder (if registered for 6 children or more)…£31.20

Children's Centre, Health or Care Setting…£54

School, College/University Department…£54

Private Full Day Care Nursery…£54

Private/Independent School…£54

Parish Councils…£54


Scrapstore Membership

Membership is available to a group, organisation or individual person involved in arts, play, or education. Membership subscriptions are paid annually.


Groups and organisations have unrestricted access to the Scrapstore. Individual members may collect one bag of materials per visit.


Once signed up you will receive bulletins from us with ideas and information about special events. You will also become part of a growing re-use community helping to make a difference for the future.


Scrapstore Group Membership

You will need to bring with you OFSTED and/or similar registration documents, warrant cards, or other form of verification from the group that you are authorised to take out a membership on their behalf. Membership applies to a single site.


Groups can authorise up to six staff to use the Scrapstore and it is only those staff who may come in to the Scrapstore. On payment of group membership you can begin collecting materials. A level trolley of material from the Scrapstore costs just £20. If you don’t require a full trolley, no problem; we charge half-trolleys at £10. We do, however, have a minimum charge of £1. The member of staff on duty will make the decision on the amount you will need to pay.


Individual Scrapstore Membership

You will need to show your personal membership card and sign in each time you visit. Only the person named on the individual membership card may come in (although children up to the age of 18 can accompany that person). Please be aware, access will be denied if the membership card is not shown. Individual members are allowed a maximum of £9 worth of Scrapstore materials in the bag we provide on any one visit.

Scrap Couple are figures made from bubble wrap, fluffy balls, plastic ear rings, foam, cloth, pipe cleaners and a bottle top.

As a small independent charity, we welcome financial donations to help us to deliver the Scrapstore service for the benefit of Gloucestershire communities. If you would like to donate, email the office by dapclicking the button, or call 01452 504442.


Gloucestershire Resource Centre (GRC)

City Works

Alfred Street



Telephone: 01452 504442



GRC is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1047985

The Scrapstore and City Works

The Scrapstore and City Works are run by The Gloucestershire Resource Centre (GRC) to promote the principles of ‘re-use’ through arts, education, and play in a vibrant environmentally conscious venue for associations, businesses and community groups to create, meet, and work.