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Scrap Couple are waiting to take you on a tour of the Scrapstore made possible by a panorama of the store displaying creative treasures a-plenty

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scroll y'way rightly so

Books, card, bottle tops, foam shapes, plastic shapes, odd arms, eyes, pelts, felt, cloth, paper, yarn, rolls, reams, all shapes and sizes


Shop Dummies

Plastic Tubes

Green Foamy Stuff


Luminous Gauzy Netty Stuff

Coloured Bottle Tops

Dotty Stuff

Yellow Felt


Plastic Shapes

Tissue Papers

Poppy Bangy Stuff

Bits and Bobs

Rolls of Sparkle

Cardboard frames

Shiny Buttons


Blank Books


Colour Paper

Shredded Paper


Black Foam Circles

Pink Foam Bricks

Yellow Wire

Metallic Sticky Paper



Bottle Tops

Stamped Foam Shapes

Blue Felt

Red Bags

Plastic Brackety items

Rolls of Cloth


Shiny Flashes

Rolls of Clear Film

Map Rolls

Cloth Swatches

Red, White & Blue Rolls of Paper

Blue Goal Net Material

Picture Frames

Pots and Grommits

Rubber Pockets

Plastic Arms

Old Yarn

Long Plastic Things

Fluffy Dots

We are open…

Tuesday: 10am – 7pm

Wednesday: 10am – 5pm

Thursday: 10am – 5pm


Telephone: o1452 5o4442